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Tips for Caring for Caravan

Practical Tips for Caring for Your Caravan

The caravan season is well underway and you need to ensure you care properly for your caravan. The corrosive nature of winter months places your caravan at a greater risk of weather damage. Spring presents an opportunity to inspect the health of your caravan. Common problems associated with winter include split pipes, damaged water tanks, unstable systems, cracked taps and sometimes it becomes necessary to consider caravan awning repairs. These common problems are fairly expensive but avoidable.

Preventing Winter-Related Damage

It is important to keep your caravan’s interior above the freezing point. Yes, you need to keep temperature hovering above the freezing point if the external heat is below this mark. It helps protect your pipes that can burst if they freeze. Therefore, ensure that the heating mains is kept on. Find insulating materials to wrap around the external water carrier such as quilted coats, old duvets, and bubble wraps. Take particular care and attention to drain all your water systems to prevent damage. The toilet cassette, water heater, and toilet flush reservoir should not have any water. Keep tabs in the open position to release the contraction and expansion pressure, resulting from thawing and freezing. Then ensure that you change your gas supply from butane to propane in winter. Accordingly, remember to change the gas regulators in cylinders while paying keen attention to safety.

How to Store and Cover Your Caravan

Keep your caravan on-site. A good place would be your driveway since you’ll be able to notice any issues more quickly. Carry out caravan awning repairs every time before and after storage as they are the most movable parts. However, be cognisant of your insurance terms. While your driveway may set you back with the same premiums as most winter storage locations, sites that your insurer recommends may earn you substantial discounts. Normal automobile insurance automatically insures against public liability. Standard public liability insurance covers you against theft, accidental damage, and third party liability. Liability insurance will protect you against claims. Should anything happen in your caravan, that causes injury to a person, or damage to their belongings, the liability insurance will protect you against large compensation bills. On the other hand, in case of such accidental damages, third party liability insurance will only cover the people that your caravan affects. In this case, you will need a separate accidental damage cover to help you repair the caravan.

Strategies to Keep Your Premiums Down

Protect your caravan against theft by storing it in a secure place. Installing security devices deters thieves and earns you a discount on your policy. Store your caravan properly and possibly where the insurer recommends. There are additional devices such as anti-snaking equipment that keep your caravan in a stable condition. When you anticipate that you may need to store your caravan for a long time, ensure you carry out periodic caravan brake repairs. Caravans are particularly heavy and may move on their own weight if you did not secure them properly. Mandurah Caravan repairs will help you carry out critical repairs efficiently and cost-effectively.

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