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How to Maintain and Repair Trailer Braking Systems

Did you know if a tow vehicle has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 3,000 lbs trailer brakes are often required? Generally, if the added weight of the trailer is more than the tow vehicle can safely handle, trailer brakes are essential. This extra set of brakes can also enhance the braking stability and minimises trailer jackknifing in a panic stop situation.

The trailer braking system must be checked for any repairs to ensure safe driving. A tiny bit of maintenance can save a long time on the side of the road. Your Mandurah caravan repairs and trailer repairs professionals can assist you in this.

Seasonal Brake Maintenance

Checking the trailer brakes at the beginning of every season is one sure way to avoid unexpected repairs and delays. In addition to seasonal brake maintenance, you must service your trailer braking system if it has been idle for a long time. So, the leading experts of the trailer and mobile caravan repairs in Mandurah list some of the tips to make sure that the trailer braking systems are in the right working condition.

Tips to Maintain Trailer Braking Systems

  • The trailer brakes are susceptible to dust or rust very quickly. So, perform annual maintenance which includes inspection of the wheels, hubs, and components that are prone to corrosion and rust.
  • One of the most significant causes of brake problems is insufficient brake fluids. Verify your brake levels monthly to avoid any issues related to your trailer braking system. Also, replace the brake fluid every year to prevent internal corrosion and prolong the life of the braking system.
  • A squealing sound from the disc brake indicates that the pad material has worn out and signals the need for replacement. Some experts who specialise in trailer repairs in Mandurah also suggest rotor turn or replacement if you feel a vibration in the wheel during brake application.
  • Unlike disc brakes, drum brakes require more maintenance, especially lubrication. The brakes must be well-lubricated with moly-poly grease on backing plates, along with adjusters, hinge points, and actuator levers.
  • Check the flexible brake lines and other parts such as brake caliper, brake pads, and hardware for any cracks. Clean and lubricate them well during annual maintenance to avoid any issues.
  • Whenever you schedule brake maintenance, you must address the bearing needs promptly. The decreased braking power, brake vibration, abnormal side-pull with brake application, or wheels lock, calls for bearing maintenance.If you come across abnormal tire wear, hot hub caps, and wheel seal leakage, you must schedule an immediate bearing replacement.

Book routine trailer brake maintenance with the Mandurah Caravan repairs professionals to avoid any brake issues.

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