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Fix These Five Big Caravan Repairs before Planning Your Next Trip

Getting on the road and heading off to a favourite location or to a place you have never been is a great feeling. But, don’t let this enthusiasm make you forget some necessary things Mandurah caravan repairs. A thorough check of some of the basic caravan repairs including, caravan awning repairs, is essential to make sure you have a safe and stress-free holiday. Here we’ve listed five big caravan maintenance and repairs one must fix before setting out.

Tyre Repairs

Before starting out on your holiday, check your tyres for air pressure. Punctures are more likely to occur when the air pressure is too high. If the air pressure is too low, it can lead to sidewall problems. Also, make sure your caravan is not standing on a solvent surface because it may deteriorate your tyre surface. Moreover, while performing a full caravan safety check, don’t forget to check your spare tyre.

Suspension Repairs

Checking the suspension on your caravan is crucial, especially if your caravan is old and is not designed for long-distance travel. Inspect springs and suspension components every 10,000kms or once a year, and if you find any signs of wear and tear, replace the parts before you set off.

Wheel Bearings

Similar to the suspension, wheel bearings must be checked for damage every year or 10,000kms. Replace them if there are any signs of wear as it can result in a buildup of heat and ultimately lead to the wheel bearings breaking and results in a nasty accident. Sometimes, the wheel bearings show signs of pitting and this signals it needs a replacement. During caravan servicing it’s good to grease any bearings that require it.

Caravan Brakes

Brake safety is paramount since caravans are heavy, and they must be checked thoroughly during an annual service. It is very important to make sure that the hand brake is working properly along with brake shoes, brake linings, and electric brake magnets to ensure that they meet all safety regulations. Caravan brake repairs must be done every 10,000kms or annually.

Weight Distribution

One of the essential aspects of safe caravanning is correct weight distribution during towing. The rear of the caravan usually sags when it is attached to a towing vehicle, and it can cause serious damage and potentially cause the caravan to topple, if the weight is not distributed properly. Get in touch with experienced professionals who specialise in caravan compliance and repairs, caravan, and more to check whether the weight is distributed properly. They carefully assess your caravan and vehicle for safe weight distribution and avoid the problem of uneven weight distribution across the caravan and the towing vehicle.

Perform these quick maintenance checks and deal with any minor or major caravan repairs to ensure safe caravanning during the holidays.

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