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Mandurah caravan repairs

Caravan Problems You Must Watch Out for

A caravan is your home while you are on the road! So, it must be treated with care as it travels over bumps and rough roads. If you are planning for a long caravanning journey, you must take proper measures to ensure that it is in the best possible condition.

Reasons to Hire a Professional for Caravan Repair

  • To make sure all parts are in proper working condition
  • A regular caravan service and repair provides a comfortable caravanning journey
  • With regular caravan servicing and repair, you can detect issues and problems early on.

Common Caravan Services

Did you know most caravan manufacturers recommend that the entire caravan should be checked, serviced, and repaired at least once a year? So, here we’ve listed a few common Mandurah caravan repairs that you should focus on.

Wheels, Bearings and Break Repairs

One of the most used parts of your caravan is the wheels. So, it must be checked for any damage with balancing and alignment during a caravan servicing. Another essential feature of your caravan is the braking system. It must be checked for any damages, including cracks and more. Wheel bearings also require thorough inspection for damages including pitting, deterioration of the coating, rusting and other issues. They must be replaced whenever needed.


Since tyres are always in moving contact with the road surface, tyres must be checked and adjusted for pressure, and they must be replaced if they are worn out.

Check Axles

During mobile caravan repairs in Mandurah, check axles for leaking seals, worn axle joints, and more. Replacement must be done if major issues are found.

Safety Sway Control System

When caravanning, a swaying rig is a critical problem, and it can lead to accidents if not addressed properly.

Check Electrical Connections

Electrical connections must be checked to avoid short-circuiting. By checking the electrical connections, you can use your appliances and prevent any electrical issues.

You should also check other caravan components to ensure that they are in best shape and proper working condition. These components include wheel nuts and bolts, jockey wheels and jacks, lights, handbrake cable, the cooling or heating system, and more.

The water tank mountings and hoses may cause leaking, and it must be addressed quickly to prevent any sanitary issues. The leakage and damages can be prevented by having your caravan serviced regularly.

The Bottom Line

Your caravan must be serviced or repaired regularly at least once a year or after every caravanning journey. This prevents any unexpected issues during the time of your travel and avoids road accidents. Regular trailer repairs in Mandurah must be done by the professionals every time you are planning for a long caravanning trip.

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